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I am a middle aged mom who started traveling at the age of 40. I thought I had lost my opportunity to travel the world after becoming a mom, working full time and having a special needs child. I had the limiting belief that world travel was for the young or for the retired. This belief led me to limit myself on my dreams and put them on hold for "one day".
Until one day, I threw my old beliefs aside and booked a trip to Kenya. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for it, what others would think,  if my kids would struggle with me being gone, if I was spending too much on myself, taking away from my husband's and my retirement and judging myself for being selfish, impulsive and reckless for having the desire to travel. I have an impulsive "fly by the set of my pants" personality and that served me as I said goodbye to all those old limited beliefs and took the trip. It was the right decision because it lead me on a personal journey of discovering the world, myself, my biases, and my belief system.
That trip and each one after has opened my eyes and challenged my world view and taken me to places and people who have taught me new ways of being and seeing. I have been to more than 14 countries, 20 states, numerous U.S. cities and multiple national parks. I am the mother of three adult children, including one with special needs. I work full time as a therapist and I am an avid hiker, skier and mountain biker. I hope my story and my adventures in travel, nature and my connection to the outdoor world  will inspire others to say goodbye to  your self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. My travels include exploring nature, outdoor adventure, food and culture and aging postively . I hope to inspire other middle aged mommas  and women and men of all ages to book the ticket and take the trail. 


I love the outdoors and spend as much time as possible outside in nature, exploring trails, chasing sunrises and wondering what it behind the next turn. 

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 I love reading and often read five titles at a time including any book on bears. I am both fascinated and have a great fear of bears! 



I love coffee, morning, noon, and night. I go to bed at night dreaming of my morning coffee!

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